Layer content is larger than the canvas


I’m making a snow animation, and my snow is moving across and down as usual, and the snow layer is twice the size of the canvas.
Previously I’ve had no trouble with the layer being larger than the canvas (eg a scrolling background) and could move it around as needed with no loss.
Today the snow particles which were outside the layer boundary disappeared. Also, I had the layer blending mode set to Soft Light, but that only applied to the visible area, when I moved the snow across, the mode was not applied to the newly visible section.
It’s ok when pasting to the layer/cel and I can move it around as expected but once I leave that layer/cel and come back, everything outside the canvas boundary is gone.

Is there a setting I can use to address my problem? I looked in Preferences but could not see anything useful in this instance.

I’m using the latest Beta on Steam, Windows 10.

edit: I thought up a work around - made my canvas three times the size of the finished gif with the working area in corner, and animated it, then cropped it. Seems a silly way to have to do it though.



Are you moving the layer with the selection tool or with the move tool?

When first pasted yes, I can move the whole content with the selection tool… as long as I don’t click on any other cel. If I do that and go back to that cel to move it, the content outside the canvas boundary is cropped off, even if the selection is still active.
Using the Move tool is does not give me the desired result either.

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I guess that you have two options:

  • You could try copying cels in the Timeline, and then use the Move tool to move the content. (As the selection tool crops the result when it changes from the “moving state” to the “stand by state”.)
  • Use a bigger canvas and crop the final result when the animation is ready (or you can use a slice and --save-as that slice from the CLI with something like aseprite -b sprite.aseprite --slice slicename --save-as output.gif)

yes, I used your option 2 - bigger canvas and cropped it.
I don’t understand slices(?) so I have never used them.

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I’ve also had the same problem before.
If I’m copying the selection from another document, once I deselect the paste, everything outside the canvas is gone.

Would I need to copy paste into a new cell the selection inside the bigger document, then copy that cell to the working document for the move tool method to work?

In photoshop, it shows a bounding box when transforming a layer, maybe some kind of indicator like that when there’s data outside of the bounds of the canvas?