Layer Multiply percentage

Is there a way to set a multiply percent? Like 50% for example?

Hi @Willt, have you thought about reducing the layer opacity to 50%?

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Hi @willt, do you want to change the layer opacity (Layer > Properties > Opacity)? or using a Multiply blend mode (Layer > Properties > Blend mode)? Or something related with the brush (Opacity field in context bar with the Alpha Compositing Ink)?

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I wanted to Multiply but set the multiply value to a percentage which is different than changing the opacity. If you look in other art programs like photoshop setting the multiply to 50% is very different then multiplying the layer then changing the opacity.

I think I’m missing something here. Is there another parameter (more than Opacity slider) on Photoshop for the Multiply blending mode? are we talking about the Multiply blending mode right?