Layers become empty when autosaving

I have several instances where my workspace would erase all sprites in certain layers (but keep all layers, and by that, they are still in the image, but some are cleared) when autosaving. This includes trying to open one of these backups after Aseprite crashes for any reason.

Any idea what causes this and a way to upload a crash report for troubleshooting?
To recreate the issue, try letting it autosave a few times and use the paint bucket on the background of the sprites layer.
Sample file: EarthBound Customs 5.0.ase - Google Drive

Saving the file normally through the File menu, or Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Shift+S, works normally, keeping all layers intact.

Aseprite 1.3.5
Windows 10 Pro
Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 Super

Hi @Sagan_Siniard, thanks for sharing this file. I’ll try to reproduce it in these days.

Just found out the reason for the crash!

It turns out that there is a 16-bit integer limit: 32,767. I just found out that the wand tool and fill bucket tools don’t work past the rightest part of the image or bottommost part of the image past 32,767 pixels in width or height. When I draw a line separating this pixel mark, anything to the left/top of the line works flawlessly, and anything to the right/bottom of the line crashes the program (and deletes the cache for the current program’s pinned and recent opened items!).

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Hi @Sagan_Siniard, I was able to reproduce it, thanks for sharing the details :raised_hands:

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No problem! The more you know!