Layers, .gifs, frustrations

So I’ve been animating some pixel stuff for an indie game.

I’ve been asked to do something with layers. I’m still new, so I try it out. I make the animation with the layers and the whatnot.

But .gif doesn’t support layers…

So I try in every other file format. The only one that supports layers (at least that I remember) is .ase. But then I can’t open the file back up without another editing program. GAH!

Ugh. I’ll get to the point. Anyone know of a program I can use to do…all of that stuff I need to do in order to make an animation with layers?

You can edit your sprites using .ase format and then export each layer as a different .gif file or as a sequence of .png files using the CLI. For example:

aseprite -b sprite.ase --save-as {layer}.gif


aseprite -b sprite.ase --save-as layer-{layer}-frame-{frame01}.png

Same issue. I was able to get around the problem by merging my layers

Hello !

I have an idea, you can copy the layers and paste them in other file like a sprite sheet and open the sheet in another sprite editing software.

I hope that helped you !