Layers not showing (cel option not working)

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m sure the answer is simple, but I just can’t figure it out. Sometime, somehow, layers are not showing, and I think it’s because the cel property becomes 0. However, I can’t seem to change it to visible.
What am I missing?

cel problem

hi, beadesign! what do you mean, layers are not showing? there are three layers visible in your example. ;]
also, that cel property looks like this because that is an empty cel.

there are four types of properties dialogs shown depending where you double-click on the timeline: frame, layer, cel + tag.

Hi :slight_smile:
My draw layer was visible in the icon, but was not showing on screen. I tried drawing and nothing was showing over my reference layers. Even when I added new layers I could not draw. I had to close the project and start a new file

i see! well, that’s strange.
i can think of few reasons for something like that to happen.

  • your layer has opacity 0: you won’t see anything when drawing, but the dot in the cel will show up (likely not the case here)
  • you have a hidden selection and trying to draw outside it (ctrl+h switches visibility on and off)
  • you’re drawing with colour which has alpha of 0 OR with mask colour OR you’re in the index mode and drawing with colour selected for transparency (its swatch has a tiny dot in the palette)
  • you have selected either shading or lock alpha ink mode