Learning pixel art and animation


My first work of animated slime. Not perfect but ok


If you’re interested in animation, check out the “Animator’s Survival Kit” by Richard Williams.
This is the best book on animation out there – it will help your pixel animation immensely.

Regarding pixel art – check out the Pixelation forums. Post your early pixel art there and people will tear it apart, offering constructive criticisms on how you can improve. People often offer edits of your work, showing how to do things better. Loads of professionals there – and a lot of good people too. It’s how I got good at both pixel art and animation.

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I created this topic for myself to check my own results in animation and pixel art. That’s more hobby than something professional. But anyway, thanks for the advice!
I’m reading “Animator’s Survival Kit” right now, but never heard about Pixelation. I’m definitely must check this!


It looks good for your first pixels! And you’ve already taken the first and most important steps! Which is to get drawin’!

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Thank you! I will continue to try! :3

Great work for your first animation! Impressed :open_mouth:

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Thanks! I didn’t think that anyone might like it.

very cute!

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