Less Verbose "Save Copy As' Dialog


My suggestion is about the ctrl+shift+atlt+s dialog when “Saving Copy As…”. When saving as PNGs and GIFs theare are a lot of unnecessary dialogues that could become checkboxes in the export options, saving precious time while exporting. A Batch option to save separate tags as different files would be welcome too.
Also of note, the settings the program remember (eg:if the format is a gif or a png, or the last folder saved to) are fairly inconsistent, which also takes precious time from the process.


Sugerencia a la hora de guardar en PNG

Hi @2dchaos, I recommend you to use the CLI to automatize the export/save copy as process so you don’t run on these kind of problems. Save Copy As is almost a one shoot thing, but if you need several exports, I recommend you to integrate the CLI into your assets pipeline.

Anyway there are plans for a “Project” feature in a future version:


Oh wow, when I think I’m getting the hang of Aseprite you surprise me again David. Awesome, i’ll read the documentation and will integrate in my pipeline for sure! Thank you!


This is related to #917.