Less Verbose "Save Copy As' Dialog

My suggestion is about the ctrl+shift+atlt+s dialog when “Saving Copy As…”. When saving as PNGs and GIFs theare are a lot of unnecessary dialogues that could become checkboxes in the export options, saving precious time while exporting. A Batch option to save separate tags as different files would be welcome too.
Also of note, the settings the program remember (eg:if the format is a gif or a png, or the last folder saved to) are fairly inconsistent, which also takes precious time from the process.


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Hi @2dchaos, I recommend you to use the CLI to automatize the export/save copy as process so you don’t run on these kind of problems. Save Copy As is almost a one shoot thing, but if you need several exports, I recommend you to integrate the CLI into your assets pipeline.

Anyway there are plans for a “Project” feature in a future version:

Oh wow, when I think I’m getting the hang of Aseprite you surprise me again David. Awesome, i’ll read the documentation and will integrate in my pipeline for sure! Thank you!

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This is related to #917.