Limited looping possible?

Is there a way to create a limited loop?. what I mean by this is let’s say I have an animation that has repetitive actions that I would want to loop, it would be nice if this segment could simply be looped over a few times. (like a fighting stance before a fight)

you would have frame 1 to 5 loop 6 times for example before releasing the loop to carry on the to the rest of the animation. I don’t know if there are any ways of doing this that can be done with the Tags system already in place but if so please let me know.

to clarify I am talking about the entirety of the animation and not just a layer.

No you’ll have to loop them manually by repeating the frames.

For testing purposes the easiest way is to just select them and drag them while holding ctrl to copy, since duplicate overwrites frames.

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Thanks for the Reply!
I think this would be a very nice feature as my UI gets extremely cluttered (and my animations get to 300 frames long when they could be so much shorter if this was a feature)

I think there are a number of issues currently related to the timeline in general. I know people have been requesting a more versatile timeline and features such as being able to loop layers repeatedly through a playback and stuff like that. I can’t say when or how it’s prioritized though however.

For example I think this is exactly what you proposed.

yeah. that’s pretty much what I have in mind. from what I’m reading this seems to be a feature that will be added in 1.3 whenever that is. this is a great software for pixel art but animations I just get quickly confused on what I’m doing. exp “I want to move frame 154-165 to 24-35 so I have to go back and forth to make sure I have the right frames for both because they need to be exact or later on il find out I deleted a frame or pasted over a frame I didn’t want to” the tags help with this somewhat but they lack in dynamics on the Y axis. maybe if folders and tags could be combined in a way to have an XY axis tag would help. idk just throwing ideas at this point. i’ll stop

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