Linked files to improve team work flow

Imagine working with 2 artist. each one have its own tasks for the same character. working in a single file is a mess… so what about linked files? where each artist work on his own tasks on his own file, then there is a file where we can link both files, and then export sprite sheets, even edit frames on them and this change will be updated on the original file, and soo if wee keep editing original files it will be updated on the linked one…

Hi @ahrimanes, the tilemap feature #977 contains a future work to allow using external tilesets (linking files) in a tilemap layer:

There are a similar plans for palettes #4313.

I think the tilemap with external tilesets will be the initial work for a future composition of external subsprites which was unplanned some time ago but probably is the starting point for a possible Aseprite v1.4.