Little Guy and Little Hands (or Hands Study)

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded some of my Artworks here, so why not do it now?

Compared to the last time, these two are my most recent Artworks, and well, here they are

A Little Guy… Literally

And some Little Hands, aka a Hand Study

I enjoyed to make these so far, and it was very fun to do, to try something that you didn’t have experience with before

Well, that’s it for now, see ya later!


This is really good, the hands are really cool. The bottom left one on the second image has some wonky shapes for the fingers compared to the others. The pinky is quite wide. Its really cool and I think it would be awesome with a bit more shading.

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Thank you!
I see what you mean with the fingers. Compared with the other hands, it was the “hardest” to make, maybe that’s why it isn’t that good, but I will try to practice more in this!

Thanks for the critisism