Lock Alpha doesn't work with custom brushes

Hi. Sorry if this has been reported before.

Just tested this in Aseprite 1.2.9 (Latest available on Humble Bundle. Not tested in beta version.)

I want to use a custom brush with rough “noise” on it, to add texture to a drawing. I had hoped to use the Lock Alpha mode, to allow me to just paint over the image, adding texture to areas that are already painted. This works for a normal brush, but for a custom brush (created with ctrl-b) the alpha locking feature does not seem to work, and the brush is applied to the transparent areas too.

I can work around this by using the magic want tool, but its quite a bit of extra work, especially if an area is already non-uniformly colored.

While I’m here, I might mention that some kind of “noise brush” would be an awesome feature for doing something similar. It could just randomly offset the value of each pixel. Thanks! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ah, I realised that the jumble tool is basically what I was thinking of. Great, that already exists :slight_smile: