Locking position of palette entries?

I bought Asesprite a while back, and I keep wanting to use it, but there’s one tiny frustration that’s driving me to use alternatives that aren’t quite as good for sprite animation.
The problem is that when I select a color in the palette, sometimes I accidentally move it.
I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s really peeving me. I’ve looked hard for an option to disable dragging entries in the palette around, but that doesn’t appear to exist.
In my mind what would be ideal would be something that matches the default behavior of Clip Studio Paint, where you only drag palette entries around when you hold down CTRL. Obviously, the ideal is to have this function be optional, for those who don’t have the problem I do and are used to the current functionality.

EDIT: I also have this problem with frames. That’s even worse because I keep accidentally deleting them by dragging.

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I second this comment
It took me quiet sometime to get used to ‘avoid dragging’ the color pallet. I am at a point where I have to very carefully navigate the color pallet.
My recommendation is to have a tiny icon in the color swatch section that locks the color swatches in place.
My suggestion is to have this option available but disabled for existing users. That way we do’not change the feature for folks who are used to this ‘dragging’ color pallets. And enabling this option will lock those color swatches.


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I think that when you lock a palette to prevent colour editing, it should lock the colour order as well. No new UI needed, and it makes semantic sense, since order is also a type of editing.