Looking For Artists! For an upcoming game UNITY

You will be the lead graphic designer and you will own 25% of this game.
You will need to have passion and determination to work with us in this 3 month long project.
Your art will always be a part of the game and fundamental.
Please dm my discord Biomeac#2395

With the following

  • Examples of previous artwork
  • Are you a good team member (y/n)
  • Where are you from (for timezone purposes)
  • Age (optional) // Won’t affect

We will be working using UNITY so if you have worked with that platform before it would be epic!

  • Biomeac

It would really help people get interested in your offer if you wrote more specifics about the type of game you’re making, the genre, inspirations, work done so far, art style you’re going after (with examples) as well as expected price and sales when released and on which platforms. Perhaps writing up something about yourself and your team would help too, how long have you been in game design, for example and what games inspire you for your project, as well as previous projects you have done, if any.

P.S. @dacap it would be nice if we had a “Marketplace” forum category for any job offerings like these, both from artists and from people looking for artists.