Looking for Loupe feature

Hi, I recently purchased aseprite and have a question: is this feature graphicsgale calls “loupe” available in aseprite ? I couldn’t find it in the program itself, nothing in the preferences, nothing on google. I mean the area to the left in the attached photo, a little window where the pixels around the cursor are displayed magnified.
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Hi Gunni, welcome to Aseprite community! :smiley:

I think you can get a somewhat similar feature if you zoom your canvas a lot, enable “Pixel Grid”, and then display the “Preview Window” (push F7 or the 1:1 button for that).

I’m not sure if this will be of use for you, because what you wanted seemed to be the oppossite, haha ^_^U

But still, I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Edit: You can zoom the preview window a lot, so it would be similar to the “magnifying glass” you mentioned, but I think you cannot enable the pixel grid on that window.

I think they’re specifically talking about having the preview follow your cursor around, Aseprite does not seem to have this feature.

The intended workflow in Aseprite (and most art programs in my experience) is that you’re zoomed in on your main document and have a zoomed-out preview, rather than the other way around. You can easily pan around your document with the middle mouse button without losing your current tool.

I think this would be a nice option to add to the preview window though, something like a “Center on cursor” mode, I can see it being useful for detailing very large pieces where you might bounce around the canvas and can’t fit the whole thing in the preview.


Hi and thanks for your replies.
I really like Aseprite, but this is a feature of GG I really miss here. I usually work zoomed in but if you draw larger areas, I do it zoomed out and then it’s way better to see exactly where you end with e.g. the line or rectangle. I know the canvas is scrolled with the cursor. I didn’t know that Aseprite keeps the tool when holding mmb (middle mouse button) to pan, I will try it later. So I can start drawing a line on the desired starting position, can let go lmb, pan with mmb and finish the line at the desired ending position by pressing lmb again? This would be great. It’s a bit fiddly to hold lmb, mmb (or scroll out and in again) and move the mouse all at the same time. ^^

edit: didn’t work as expected. Best solution is probably waiting until this feature will be added or grabbing the source code and implementing it on my own. :disappointed: