Looping a segment

Not sure how useful this would be to most people but are there plans to allow selecting a group of frames to play and loop? For example if I wanted to play and loop only frames 4-10, instead of looping from the start. This would be incredibly helpful, but that might just be me and my weird usage of Aseprite D:

EDIT: NOPE WAIT I just learned that you can do that with tags. I didn’t realize you had to start playing the loop section inside the tag. I didn’t start from inside the tag so it just played through and I thought it couldn’t do that.



I couldn’t figure this out either. For me the solution was right clicking on the play button and deselecting “play all frames (ignore tags)”. I might have enabled this myself earlier and then forgot that play had a context menu… This menu has other useful features, namely disabling loop, play-speed options and rewind on stop.

I know you said to ignore your post, I just wanted to add this in case others are in my situation. Hope I help someone :slight_smile:

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