Loss of layers due to flattered storage

I’m a bit scared (quite a bit)
I saved a job with a flattered layer by mistake.
I have reopened it, and I am unable to recover the layers…
is there any way to recover my previous job?

Hi @Yacker, please check if the Recover Files option in the Home tab helps. You might be able to recover the original file before the flattening of the layers (or a previous version).

I tried to retrieve it from there, but it retrieves a 14 days old file from the same project. :face_exhaling:

You can send us to support@aseprite.org your sessions folder and we can try to recover all possible files from there.

I sent you the file, I hope something can be done.
Thank you for your reply and sorry for the inconvenience :disappointed:

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Received! Please check if the recovered files include what you are looking for, in other case you can see if you have other session file or tell us if some of the specific recovered files is the one that you are trying to recover.

Above all, I would need what was done during the weekend between the 4/23 and 4/25.

Extra parts of some animations I had made.

  • Rotating pyramid
  • Wolves coming out of a puddle
  • Some stars spinning in a circle
  • 3 butterflies flying in a different way

And the layers of a commission, which would be this one. That was the one I saved as flatteded by mistake.
Nisha 300x300

In that case it looks like the session file contains only the version after most layers were flattened.

A pity to tell the truth, I will have to recover them the hard way.
Thanks for trying

pd: Mmm, may I leave a suggestion?
in other graphic editors there is the option to flatten the visible layers, but creating a new layer. It would be a nice addition to the options.

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Seconding this suggestion! While for export, using the export options is preferred, being able to quickly make a new layer with a flattened copy of your work is useful for other things, such as applying blended effects.

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