Lua script's image size does not match actual image size

I have a simple 16x24 indexed sprite. But when I output the sprite’s size in Lua (app.activeCel.image.width/height), the script shows the width as 13px, not 16.

I noticed that when I hold the Cmd key, I see a little rectangle around my sprite that is only 13px. I don’t know what that is, but that might be why the script is reporting 13px as the width.

How can I get the “full” sprite’s pixels in the script?

You’re looking at the cel size (app.activeCel), cels are the subset of a sprite that exists in a particular frame/layer combination. You should be looking at the sprite size (app.activeSprite).

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Thanks! I would also like to view the individual pixels, but I only know how to get the pixels from the cel. Is there a way to directly access the pixels from the sprite?

Edit: when I do cel.image.getPixels() it returns the smaller subset size; I’m hoping there’s some way to get all the pixels from the full sprite.

BTW I was able to hack around my issue by looping over the entire sprite’s width/height and using image.getPixel if a given w/h was inside of the cel’s bounds and just assuming the transparent color if outside the cel’s bounds.

This works but it would be preferable to have direct access to a sprite’s pixels without considering cels. This was confusing for me because I didn’t even know what a cel was.

sadly, i don’t think there is a direct way to get all the pixels in whole sprite area - even on single layer - independently. it seems like there’s only image tied to cel and has it’s own position and boundaries. however, your assumption that everything outside image rectangle is transparent colour is correct. i agree, it’s not very handy.

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