Made a Bunny with an eyepatch to get myself back into making pixel art

Did this to kinda get back on the horse.Just picked a pallet, started with a blob, and let it become what it wanted to be. Still kinda new to this community, but constructive criticism is appreciated. Originally done as a 16x16 sprite but resized when exporting since some social media I post to doesn’t really like tiny things.

Edit: I was wrong about sprite size, my canvas was 32x32, oops.



The artwork itself is pretty good. Proportions look fine and even the color scheme is pleasant to the eyes. Where I notice this piece starts to get messy though is the number of unique colors it uses.

As you can see in the picture below, I’ve generated a palette from all the colors the sprite uses and, to my surprise, has 20 unique colors. Assuming the export function didn’t add in more colors, I’d go back and reduce the color count significantly since many of them are similar enough to each other that they’re hard to distinguish at quick glance.

For a sprite this small, I’d say no more than 8 unique colors (maybe even less) should be enough to work with. Plus, it makes clean-up and polish a lot more manageable.

I love your approach of starting from a blob-shape and refining it; reminds me of working with clay.


Thank you, I think a lot of those similar colors come from my attempts at emulating the outline style of pokemon sprites from the 3rd generation of games. I noticed they didn’t just go with black outlines but kinda selected darker versions of the color they’re outlining while also getting lighter at the top. Looking back I believe those sprites were probably a larger resolution than what I was working with. I’ll definitely keep that color restriction in mind going forward. Also thank you in regards to the clay comment, it made me smile.