"Magnum Opus" pixel logo

Hi, I’m making the logo for my game project. It’s a pixel art point-and-click adventure with an alchemical thematic, hence the name. I decided to imitate the “spiritual schematic” of the philosopher’s stone (circle inside a square, inside a triangle, inside another circle), while retaining the whole gemstone look, which was a little difficult to achieve, but works a lot better than a generic gemstone would in my opinion. The text is golden, for obvious reasons :smiley:

Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Here’s a resized version (3x, that will be the scale of the game on a FHD monitor):


i love it! my only small gripe with this kind of effect is that i find it slightly less readable, so first i see magnum pus and only then i realize it is Opus. it’s not a big deal, but imho if O (including symbols) was more in perspective and style of other characters, it would be better.
btw. the way you connected g and u is brilliant!

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Thanks for the feedback <3
Yeah, there is a readability problem with the O, my previous version tried to encase the gem in gold, but it looked horrible. It was a bit more readable though :smiley:
I actually tried to make the middle circle darker and the outer parts of the gem lighter, so it would look more like an O, but it doesn’t seem to be working that well. I’ll see what I can come up with.

it is perfectly usable, nice logo, i meant it more as a suggestion to consider.
anyway, i’m glad that there are still people interested in doing point’n’click and graphic adventures. good luck with the game! ;]

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Thank you :3
Although the game probably won’t come out as a real game, because it’s a project for my uni, and I’m studying Game art only, no coding and stuff like that. So it’s gonna be just a pretty concept with all art done and not much else. Still, I suppose I could find a coder at some point who’d be interested in making it a reality :stuck_out_tongue:

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you never know, maybe you’ll make it yourself - there are game engines specifically for point’n’click adventures and it is not that hard ;]

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Hmm, thanks for letting me know. I suppose a little research on the topic wouldn’t hurt. But first I really need to finish the art, cuz deadlines are closing in and stuff :smiley:
Maybe I’ll share more of the art on these forums as I make them, the feedback I got here and in the Aseprite discord was priceless. Thanks again! <3

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Here’s the final version, after consulting with my teacher (and with all of you guys, here and on discord <3)
-I toned down the saturation on the gold and fixed darker values.
-I replaced the glow with a gold trim, that helps better combine the stone with the text and hopefully make it a bit more readable.
-I made the gradient on the bottom letters a mirror of the top one (mostly noticable in the “p”)

The gem itself could also serve as a nice icon for the game and could be used as a logo on its own :3
Logo_FINALL . . . . . . . . . . Gem . . . Icon32x . . . Icon16x