Making Mario Enemies wanting people to join

I am making Mario enemies in small scale with the EDG32 color pallet. I want to do somethings with characters and power ups (The Princess Crown is banded) Like bob-ombs with ice flower powers, shy guys using the sword copy ability or Koopas with the tornado Wolf from Ballan Wonderwold

I made the original mario turtle upgraded! I give you the fire flower turtle! It has the basic turtle abilities but it can also shoot fireballs and when it dies it makes a fire flower!

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Sweeeet man. Here’s the ice flower bob-omb, It tends to be picked up and thrown down with an icy shockwave by other enemies as a main form of attack it also sets off icy fireworks and can do so as any time it wants. fought in rpg fashion.
Ice Bob-omb


It’s looking flat as by me. Improvable :muscle:

It is a living block of ice… so it does have flat sides