Managing different timings on different layers?

Hey everyone,

new account here but I’ve been a heavy user of Aseprite for a while now and I was wondering if anyone had a solution (or a suggestion for a feature) for a minor issue that comes up on a daily basis for me.

I use this application professionally for animating and often times when I submit finished sprite work I need to export character sprite animations in multiple parts, sometimes 4 or 5 different parts like base character, weapons, body smears, weapon smears, effects etc… what usually happens is I have a few frames for an attack or movement; in this example may be 5 frames and after exporting my work, I need to double back on the smears/blurs to make them look smoother; maybe now doing 6-8 frames on a smear at a different timing (lower ms). This is super common, and a very inexpensive way for devs to get the most bang for their buck on smooth animations (Hyper Light Drifter does this a few times with attack animations; i.e the smear moves at different intervals/quicker than the base character sprite) I can’t share my work with my teams without possibly destroying the file by adding in blank frames and I can’t add more frames of the effect animation without is dragging into another part of the animation, so I’m kinda lost. :frowning:

I hope I’m making some sense here lol, maybe someone has an idea or some advice. Thanks, everyone and most of all thank you, David Capello, for your amazing software and your hard work!