Mark a Specfic Permenant Canvas Selection For The Move Tool

A way to mark a specific permanent section on the canvas so that the move tool only moves the pixels in that selection, instead of the entire canvas’s pixel contents. Could make it so if your cursor is"outside" the selection, it moves all the other pixels instead of the selection’s pixels as well.

I don’t use Slices myself, and tried poking around with them to see if they might already offer what I’m trying to do, but I did not, so perhaps it could be an additional feature added to those?

(I use a reference on the side when working to pull over and proportion check/use for base edits, and can’t use just the move tool by itself when working on my stuff as it tends to move and mess up the reference since it’s in the same layer.
Using the Marquee Tool is my go to, but it can be repetitive to select, move it, go to move tool to jump to different layer, then back to the marquee to actual move that, rinse repeat etc; so this request is definitely one of those “useful for me/workflow speed up” type one.)