Marquee tool should allow easy deselect by quick click

It is often required to deselect all quickly. I know about Ctrl+D, but standard way to do this in Photoshop is by simple click and it’s very intuitive. But in Aseprite there is no that small time period evaluation to treat quick click as Deselect rather than selection of two or three pixels by small mouse movement during this quick click. It is frustrating: I often try to deselect by clicking continously until successful one pixel with blowing emotions.

I consider to add this simple time evaluation logic to allow quick Deselect by simple click. This should also work the same in Shift+Click / Shift+Alt+Click / etc. scenarios effectively adding/subtracting nothing to prevent random selections/deselections and allow free user clicks while thinking. This should not break double click behavior whatsoever.


Hi @BraidAcer, I think a little timer could do the job. So if a click down/up is received with few pixels movements we can trigger the deselect (at the moment it works only if the mouse is not moved at all, something quite hard with stylus/pens).

The idea to do a “no operation” when Shift+click / Shift+alt+click is a good idea too to avoid selecting/deselecting one pixels and still making the double-click work. We’ll try to implement this for the next beta :+1: