Massive Pen Lag/Delay

I just purchased Aseprite today. When I open up the software and created a canvas, I was welcome by this massive lag spike in my pen (When using my Wacom 13hd tablet). And even when I use my mouse to hover over the canvas the lag starts up again. The lag only occurs when I’m in the window for the software. Keep in mind that I’ve ran softwares like Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony on this computer and barely suffered any pen delay. I would appreciate any help that I can get, thank you! Edit: I use Windows 8 64 bit

I had lags but they were because of ram usage.

Hi @TheOshiShow, there are some solutions in the FAQ about this. But I’m not 100% if this would solve your problem.

Is the lag visible if you use only the mouse (without using your pen at all)? Or does it just start when the pen is involved in some way? What Wacom driver version do you have running?

Thank you for the response! The lag is visible with both using the mouse and the pen. Also I am running the version 6.3.22-6 of my Wacom driver. Whenever the cursor in general is interacting with the software when there is an open canvas, the lag is there. Edit: I referenced those videos and used them, but there was no change.

It looks like a general performance issue (not related to the input device). Just in case, are you using a 4K monitor or a big resolution? Could you please tell me if the performance improve if you reduce the window size?

Another option is trying different Screen Scaling option in Edit > Preferences > General > Screen Scaling = 100%, 300%, or 400%

Oh my goodness!! I am using a 1920x1080 resolution. I changed the Screen Scaling option to 100% and it’s not lagging any longer. But is there anyway I could get the text or the icons slightly larger? If not I can deal with that. Thank you so much!

Glad to hear that! You can give a try increasing the UI Screen Scaling to 200% or more (changing this setting needs to restart the program to take effect).

Alrighty! Thank you again good sir! I am excited to use this product, keep up the great work with you and your team :slight_smile:

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I have noticed that after 1.2.3 update I started to get massive pen lag on both mouse and Wacom intuos pro. None of the ways work for me. I even tried to reinstall aseprite.