Merge layers on one frame only?

This is probably a dumb question, but, how do I merge or flatten my two layers on one frame of a .aseprite file, without merging those two layers on all frames?

I don’t think there is necessarily a specific function for it. All frames always have the same amount of layers.
What I do if I want to merge layers in a single frame is cutting/pasting the cells down. I.e: I select the whole sprite in the top layer, cut, paste in another layer. Since Aseprite does not copy transparent pixels, the bottom layer is preserved.

Hope this helps^^

Huh, that’s kind of surprising! Because of course you can have empty layers on an individual frame while they’re filled on others. But I’m starting to realize that Aseprite makes it so easy to perform operations simultaneously on all layers that you can leave things unflattened more often, which is great. Anyway, thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

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