Merge shapes or Cut out shapes

Hi all,
Still a noob. I come from the Illustrator/PS world and we have a MERGE function when you have 2 or more shape. You can combine a circle and oval or you can cut them out.

I’m trying to figure out a way to do this in ASEPRITE. Any tips on this?


thats because forms in photoshop are vector paths transalted to raster preview, and illustrator works only with vector, so here thats not possible since we arent close to vector paths beeing availiable thought they are planned for the future but its a fairly distant future

As @Ethan_Buttazzi wrote you can only work with bitmap images in Aseprite. But you can draw shapes at different layers and use Magic Wand Tool to make selection of shape and then switch layer and delete this selection from some another shape. This will work as subtraction. And to merge shapes you should just merge layers with Merge Down command in layer context menu (Right click on layer name to show context menu).