Minimize and OBS problems

when the preview is playing and I minimize asperate the preview keep showing, and this start to bothering me alot xD
also another problem with OBS when I do “windows capture” doesn’t allow me to show the preview.

Try disabling “UI with multiple windows” in Edit > Preferences > Experimental.

What OS are you using? Even though I have that setting enabled, minimising Aseprite also minimises the Preview window.

if I disable it will work fine but I will lose using my second screen.

if the preview playing is it also minimize ?

here the video show my problem :

Yep, minimises correctly for me even when playing, also on Windows 10. I’m using 1.3-beta11 (edit: via Steam), perhaps you’re using an older version and this problem has since been fixed / a newer version with a regression?

Iam using from steam, v1.3-beta11

so Iam not sure why yours work fine :sweat_smile:

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I need to confirm for other people if they have the same issue, if not then its just something wrong with my pc.