Minion pixal art

It came out cursed so rip I tried tho (:thinking:
Reference photo


Ta bien
te quedo muy bien

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Que tú (:

usando el traductor de google ya que no hablo español, así que espero que entiendas esto

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it was understood

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if the translator occupies

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Bueno escuchar

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Looks interesting! I would definitely give this capsule shaped minion a more curved head! To do that go 2 pixels in one direction then one pixel diagonally then 2 the other way image

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image I make a couple quick edits to the minion, not really the same but some ideas in it to improve what you made. I noticed there are quite a few details you would have to leave out if you chose to have it this small so I had to resize some things. Another thing is the colors were all over the place, you don’t need that many colors in the linework when they aren’t contrasted enough to matter. The arms were really hard to make and I still don’t think I got the best result but here you go.


Last thing. If you scale down the original image you can have a better idea of how to make the pixel art.

wow dude that gives me a lot to think about thanks