Mirrored pixel on the other side of symmetry

I wish it would show the mirrored pixel on the other side of symmetry, when activated.
The very pixel brush that shows on the main screen, allowing me to preview the brush stroke before i paint, but mirrored by symmetry (which only shows AFTER i paint atm).

Did you mean Ctrl+B custom brush? Because tools like pencil, line, etc. show symmetry just right.

Also custom brush not mirrored either by X or Y or both… which is strange, but maybe should have options (not mirror, X, Y, X and Y). How do you think, @dacap?

can confirm that mirrored brushes aren’t shown in neither preview nor canvas in 1.2.27. unless i overlooked some settings, multiple cursors are shown in tiled mode only.

no hes talking about a preview of the brush on the other side of symmetry.

Oh, I see. Yes, previewing some shadow copy of mouse cursor (not brush!) would be very useful to estimate lengths. I suggest it to be implemented.