Missing "Remap" button

Help, I’m trying to change the color palette of a pixelart, but I can’t see the Remap button anywhere.

My version is 1.2.9 by the way.

Mmmm, I think remap only fixes index assignments if indexed colors have changed place in the palette for example.

As for changing palette colors, you should just need to be in indexed mode and change the colors, which you might have to press the lock button in the upper left to be able to do.

Unless you need the remap button for the purpose I stated above.

From this image it doesn’t look like you are in indexed mode, as I don’t see the transparency dot in the middle of any color. (You can set which color counts as transparency with the middle mouse button, generally a 0,0,0 black in index-0)

Go to Sprite -> Color Mode -> Indexed mode

Thank you soo much :3