Moon Surface-Texture

Still working on it, any suggestions on how to properly do the lighting? Since the moon is well, circular, it’s hard to find a pic that feels “flat” enough

Moon Surface

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Just surround the craters with rings of soft lighting, do some random dithering around and between those rings (you could also dither with one shade darker), and that should be it. Make sure it tiles if you need it to.

Thanks, though I’m figuring out the dithering now

Moon Surface


Guess, I’m doing it wrong…can’t believe I’m failing this badly

Moon Surface2

That said, i think I figured out cheese as well

Does this at the very least work for cheese? I mean the moon is made of cheese is something I’ve heard before

Moon Surface1

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Looking better, you’re going in the right direction!
However, you gotta work on your randomization. It’s way too perfect. Things are never perfect in nature, there is a bit of variation, imperfections, that’s what makes a texture believable. Check out pictures of actual moon craters (ALWAYS get reference pictures, our memories of how things are supposed to look are unreliable!). Here’s one:

You’ll notice that the area between the craters is not a flat color. There are bumps and crevices, all sorts of imperfections. That’s what I meant by “dither the area between the craters” - connect them with a bit of highlighted dithering. The same goes for the craters’ insides - they aren’t all lit by a 45 degree straight line of shading. You can dither that shading too. And vary the borders of the craters - they don’t HAVE to be 1 pixel wide in all places - they can get thicker, or disappear at places altogether.

Thanks, only problem is that I’m having trouble thinking on how to do it specifically somehow…i tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to making my own

I am also not sure how I’ll dither it within the holes themselves

Moon Texture

This work?

I’m having a similar issue with texturing moon tiles; did you land on a design you liked?

Up to now, no, unfortunately