More color and palette options

I have a few idea that I think you’ll like, and I’d like to take a bit of time explaining them to you.

would be nice if I could pick a color and see a list of similar colors that are ordered in a meaningful gradient.

this feature is available in Pyxel edit. and it makes color really fun. would like to do all my work in one place :slight_smile: The reason I chose aseprite as my main go to for pixel art is for the palette editor, even though it doesn’t have all the features I’d like, it’s still the easiest to use.

Something else could be that you could have more than one pallet for each document, being able to break your palette up into small gradients, and be able to drag and drop them onto selected portions to do a quick palette swap on a certain part. this could make palette management easier. one of the things I’ve wanted to be able to do forever is to be able to create a gradient on the palette by selecting indexes in a column in addition to being able to select them in rows, also that shading non-linear gradation that I mentioned in the pyxel edit color picker could be integrated into the gradient editing.

In the end it would provide us ways to make more interesting color in our sprites!

PS. just something I thought of on the last minute.
More of what I’d like to see in tiled mode would be to be able to place your tiles in a few arrangements and then start drawing them with all of them visible by default, so you can see how each change you make affects all the others.


Would love to see this feature!!

Way late to the party here… but this was a huge pain point for me switching to Aseprite too.

Made a plugin script that recreates the list of similar colors to use:


But how do you install this script?

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Updated the post with instructions:

  1. Download the file from GitHub, or copy/paste the raw code into a new text file and save as a .lua file.
  2. Open Aseprite, go to File → Scripts → Open Scripts Folder (Keep this window open)
  3. Place the Downloaded file above into the opened Scripts Folder
  4. Restart Aseprite. “Color Shading” can now be accessed in File → Scripts.

@domjohn, First, great job with this tool!! Thanks for this, the only problem I have is that I can´t use beacause of an error, can you help me solving this problem?

@SebGon For some reasons it doesn’t work when you download it. I made this working by creating a text file .lua and copy paste the script you can find on the github. Cheers :wink:

And thank you @domjohn for this awesome script !!!

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Very welcome!

After all this time I totally realized that in some browsers right clicking and saving the GitHub file sometimes stores it as an HTML file and not the linked LUA file. Changed all instructions to be more specific :slight_smile: