More colour picker options

I’d like to recommend an improvement to the aseprite colour picker! I’ve previously done a lot of animation using ToonBoom Harmony 14, and it has this slightly hidden expanded mode for its colour picker that I’d never seen in another program, but which I quickly came to really love, pics below:

Basically it shows many different colour pickers at the same time, which means if you have your base colour selected, you can look at any of the six 2d fields or six 1d strips to see what directions you could transform it. As someone with mediocre skill with colour, it really helps me understand how to form a transition from one colour to another while avoiding muddy areas (because you can visualise a ‘path’ through one of the squares. Some of the features of the Harmony picker are obvs irrelevant for a pixel art program, but I think having the option for multiwheel colour picking would really add to Aseprite (I would legit buy Aseprite again just for this feature)

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