More precision for picking a color from the color bar (2nd example gif)

I saw this feature in another program for make art and I wanted that to be here.

For picking a color from that bar, instead of typing the number I want for a specific value, I wonder if it’s possible to add the thing that if I use my cursor and slide through the bar but my cursor is far away from it, the little arrow moves a lot slower than it should with the mouse cursor on the bar.


If this is added, I’d like it to be optional, because I find this type of behaviour disorienting myself :'D I tend to select colours quickly and fairly loosely when using the cursor, and having to be careful with where my cursor is vertically would mess that up.

On a related note, I wish Aseprite were clever enough to allow the arrow keys to be used in a more context-sensitive way. I often find myself trying to use them to nudge numerical values for more precision and because for small changes that would be faster than sliders, because of habits built in other programs, but it never works.

HI @gnegni25, please check dragging a slider with the right-click, I think you are looking for that.

@eishiya I think probably something missing is that clicking a slider should focus its related text box, so then we can use Up/Down arrow keys in the focused text box (this is already possible).

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Making clicking the slider put focus on the text box sounds great! For the various opacity and size sliders (for brushes, etc), it would be nice if this happened by clicking the buttons to modify them, without having to explicitly click the slider after it appears.