Mouse lag on Windows 10

Good morning, I’m experiencing severe mouse lag on my Windows 10 laptop this morning running v.1.2.5-beta1-x64 from Steam.

It happens specifically when moving the mouse through the drawing area (palette, colour picker, preview, animation timeline and other UI elements all behave normally). I have checked resource levels on my computer and they seem fine (CPU < 10%, lots of free RAM).

I found another forum post suggesting reducing screen scaling and increasing UI scaling instead, but this had no effect. That post also mentioned pen lag in a link, so I tried my Wacom Intuos pen for comparison and it seems to be fine.

I will go try on my desktop as well and let you know if I’m seeing the same behaviour there.

EDIT: I just tested on my gaming desktop where it’s smooth as butter. It has a worse CPU, but a dedicated GPU rather than an Intel built-in, so I’m guessing it’s the Intel built-in graphics that might be at fault here…

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