Move tool with symmetry?

Moving something which has been selected does not follow symmetry. Is there any way to do this?

If not, it would be nice.


Hi @Kyrieru, known issue :cry: We have a specific issue with an item about this (“Selection & Symmetry”):

What if selecting doesn’t select on both sides of the symmetry line, like this.

-Selection information is saved to a variable after selecting.
-User moves the selected contents.
-Aseprite saves the new selection information to a seperate variable

  • Aseprite loads previous position information.
  • Offsets it by distance to the line.
  • The operation is repeated with reversed X.
  • Aseprite loads previous position information

I know nothing about how aseprite is programmed so this may be a dumb suggestion.

Actually that’s exactly the way we are thinking to fix this issue (instead of selecting both sides, selecting just one and repeat all transformation to all sides). Something similar is already being done when multiple cels are modified, but symmetry adds some extra complexity.