Moving a selection not working

usually I was selecting, pressing Ctrl and moving, now pressing Ctrl only adds new selections/makes new one.and if using move tool, whole layer moves.
version 1.3 - beta1

With Marquee tool you don’t need to hold Ctrl to move selection. Just click inside selection and drag. If you click with Ctrl inside selection it will create copy of selected content. Only if you click outside of selection it will create new selection (even without holding Ctrl).

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yeah, i meant it wasnt making copy as well. it really was making selections even clicking inside. altho suddenly everything started working :thinking:

Then maybe your Shift key was held in some way. Shift+click & drag adds new rects to selection.

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that might be :thinking: thanks (:

actually i think it is related to tablet. i can do it with mouse, but not with pen, and there are also problems with some ui interactions, when i try to do that with pen

On tablets you may accidentally hold additional touch that could be treated as Shift key pressed. As I suggest, I don’t have tablet myself.