Moving the cursor around the workspace

Is it possible to make the cursor move without being bound to an invisible grid?

In the Aseprite, the cursor preview is bound to an invisible 1x1 pixel grid in the workspace

In the cursor settings, I tried to change the parameters for the preview brush, I like the cursor - edges only, but he moves only on this invisible grid. After I tried to remove the preview brush altogether, it helped, but now if I increase the size of the brush, I don’t see its edges

Is it possible to untie it from this grid and how to do it?

Latest version of Mac oS

If I understood the problem correctly:
Try changing your screen scaling to 100% and your UI scaling to a larger value, instead of the default of high screen scaling and UI scaling 100%.

Unfortunately it didn’t help, I was able to record a video to make it clearer.

At the beginning I show how aseprite works, then I show what I need

the crosshair copies mouse position exactly, however the preview is snapping to the grid, because that’s the pixel grid. you can’t draw pixels outside pixel grid, hence the preview jumps around when you zoom in a lot.

Yes, I understand that.
Conclusion: that in Aseprite, the cursor without preview looks like a crosshair without hints about the size of the brush.

Please tell me where to write so that the developers consider the proposal to add a cursor in the form of edges

you can either change this thread to ‘features’ or post a request on github.

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Hi there :wave: this same feature was requested before at least by other user. We’ll try to add some extra options for the brush in the future.


I’ve found the previous feature request:

Yes, I read the request on github and agree with its author, for a year I really liked Aseprite, but I can’t get used to moving the cursor after Photoshop.

I would be very grateful if you do something like this


Just wanna throw my support down for this as well, would be very appreciated.

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Is this still being worked on/implemented? I’ve been trying the beta for the last few days but it gives me this motion sickness type feeling. I’d love to finally replace photoshop, and this is the only thing holding me back.