Moving Things In One Frame Breaks The Other Frames

Sorry to post 2 problems in such quick succession, but I’ve encountered yet another problem that I’m sure has a very simple, obvious fix.

In a nutshell, I move something in layer 1 frame 13 for example, and on frame 14 various layers have been moved, and I can’t just move them back into place because then it will move frame 13’s layers to a strange position.

The Marquee Tool seems to hate me, any help would be great, thanks. <3

Are those cells linked by any chance? If they’re linked, their icons will be linked in a black line instead of just being separate circles.

If they’re not linked, make sure you have only the one cell selected by clicking it, it’s possible you selected multiple cels by mistake.

This is what they look like, don’t think they’re linked.
It’s also not a mistake, I’ve restarted the program multuple times too, and I’ve been trying not to select more than the one.

make a video. its easy even if you can download hypercam or pull up your phone and film it. upload to youtube. post link here. (trust me itll take you a total of 5 minutes. just download hypercam 2 (i think its 2 anyways) or film with phone)) should take 0.40 seconds to upload to youtube

Hi, was this ever been solved? I seem to be having the same issue atm…

I’m also interested in any found solution. I’m new to Aseprite and have had my small victories dashed by great defeats…namely realizing that the changes I’ve made in a frame way down the line has completely messed up a the beginning frame. I have been quite diligent about making sure I only have the individual cell selected I want to work in, but it seems to still happen. I’m new enough that I haven’t quite caught a pattern yet, but one is beginning to emerge and I believe it happens most often when I use the move and rotate tool in a cell.

Same issue, it’s so annoying when you find out after hours, something I’ve done in a frame messed up something elsewhere.

EDIT: I think I’ve figured it out. It was my mistake after all. I was pressing the layer name to select the layer before moving the object which was selecting every frame, hence making changes to all frames. When I press an individual cel, it works as expected.
Screenshot (14)

There is an option in Edit → Preferences → Selection → Transform cels in selected layers or frames on timeline. Disable it to disable modifying all cels of selected layer(s). Or frame(s) i.e. column(s), but this is rare case.