Moving things while snapping on grid


The reason I came up with this is that there is a moment when I have to scroll things constantly, frame by frame.

For example, in order to scroll background 10 pixels each per frame, need to select background and move 10 pixels precisely, (or tap arrow key 10 times) for each frame.

This is tedious, so I wish if I am able to move things with snapping on grid.

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Just bought Asesprite and came here to comment on this. I don’t understand why snap to grid doesn’t work with move features. Whenever I’m using snap to grid, it’s usually because I’m making a tilemap and I want to copy a tile over or line it up somewhere in the sprite. I can’t even imagine a situation where I’d want to draw while snapping to grid.

This is the reason the snap to grid function exists for pixel artists and it’s how it works in Photoshop. Why doesn’t it work this way in Aseprite?

Hi there! You can use the Alt key modifier to snap to grid the selection when you are dragging it.

We might enable the snap to grid of the selection by default when the “Snap to Grid” option is enabled, but at the moment using the Alt key should do the snapping (even when the “Snap to Grid” is disabled).