Mr Evil Scientist

Started trying to make a minion but then realised they where boring so from under the eyes I started making a scientist because anything is more interesting then minions anyway here is the finished product

Forgot to do the mouth woops…

What did you use to make this? Still aseprite? Either way I think it looks cool! The shoulders seem to connect a bit weirdly with the arms, but I could see that being a style choice. If it were me I might add a bit more to the pants but its really cool! Does this scientist have a backstory? Maybe you could use some of that for its design choices.

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Yea used aseprite just a massive canvas size I think it was 2000 by 2000
The shoulders are strange I was mainly going for a very strange shape aka why the head looks like a potato backstory he tried to turn into a nice person with some nice juice but it turned him into a not nice scientist lol idk some more design choice yea that sounds good