Multiple Layer Adjustment

I have tried to find out but I can’t seem to figure out how to apply the same adjustment effect across the layers I have selected. No matter what I do it just seem to apply only to a single layer.

I am not talking about multiple cells or frames, but layers.

just select the layers you want to apply the effect to. there’s a catch though: the preview of the effect is shown only on the last selected layer. :expressionless:

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Also be careful to select cels, not layers, if you have multiple frames, to avoid applying changes to all frames of selected layers.

Oh, I see. So the effect actually applies to the all layers I have selected? But only showing preview to the last selected layer? Wow… ok, so that is what was happening…

I think the preview should “really” show for all the layers I have selected. It is mega confusing to only one and not a very good overall view of the final effect that I am applying.

Is there plan to add preview support for all the layers in the future?

yeah, i agree. there are some plans to rewrite the renderer, but i don’t know if it will address this issue as well. we can hope it will.