Multiple selection of ink options & a layer mode disolve

I’d like it if the brush setting would let me select lock alpha along with one other option like shading.

also I’m sorry we are meant to keep one suggestion to a topic but I was concerned if I made 2 topics it would bury someone’s topic. I’d like it also if in the layer modes there could be a option for dissolving, it’s apparently a thing in photoshop where instead of making something fade by lowering opacity it gets rid of pixels which helps create organic rain.

here is the video I saw it in incase I didn’t explain well, I think it’s okay to link something as long as it’s not inapropriate

Thank you for reading if you did and I hope I didn’t break any rules by posting two suggestions to one topic.

well you have to check if it ist patented by photshop, they patent fucking everything, also im pretty sure it would be useless since we cannot acess the rgba channels in aseprite. im refering to the dissolve thing here

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dissolve mode is just a noise with density being opacity value, which gives me an idea: what if we could assign different dithering patterns to dissolve mode instead of just noise? that would be great for transitions.

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