My audio levels are resetting when I tab between Aseprite and anything else

Hey fokes, got a question for you.

So, I’m using the steam version of Aseprite, and while I’m using it, I’m hopping between three programs, Aseprite, Visual Studio Code, and Google Chrome. What was driving me crazy all morning is that Aseprite seems to be doing something to my computer’s audio. So, lets say my default audio volume is 50 on chrome. I’ll play a YouTube video to listen to while I work, and I’ll then tab over to VSC. No changes. However, any time I focus on my Aseprite window, the audio seems to jump down to 24, automatically. Any time I tab out of Aseprite, however, it’ll default to what it was before. That said, it’s not just halving the audio, it’s consistently 24 volume. Being that I need to flip beween windows often, this is starting to drive me insane.

Is this a steam issue? It’s consistently every time I focus on the window, period. It’ll reset itself after about a second after clicking off of it. Happens when I’m using my laptop’s built in speakers, or a headset just the same.

I couldn’t find anything on this subject and I’m starting to think this is may just be me having this issue.