My First Mountain

29 Mountains

I am using SLYNYRD’s instructions for reference, I can’t get the shapes right, but let’s just say I’m sticking to “blobs” before chiseling them out somewhat

Here’s my “mountain”, it’s not really that sharp and I am not sure where or how to add more detail or refine it

Or how to properly draw mountains with different light source directions

This second one is based off some instructions off Pinterest…but I didn’t use the black outlines

29 Mountains

29 Mountains

This is your top image using the shading tool. This lets me shade from dark to light or light to dark using just your selected part of the palette easily.

I like that you used different shades in your mountains and I think that they just need the light to be a bit smoother from the light source. Not that your mountains should be uniform, but the lighting should be more neutral if it is closer to the sun/light source. You can add in more blues from the reflections in the sky, or you could make certain areas more blocky to your taste. I like the middle mountain image the best. Really good job!

This one you did seems to have less cracks

I’m using cracks to sorta show that it’s got a light reflected more

Thanks, favor, currently trying to do buildings, any idea how I can make it look like some buildings are in the background more than others? I am thinking I’m not Hue, Saturation & value shifting enough for brightness or something

Remember how I mentioned you can create a new layer and fill it with black and turn it into a saturation layer to see just the values? This would help you get a good idea of how far back the buildings are. Just experiment with making it darker, worry about color afterward.

Also, cracks are usually darker areas with highlights maybe on the edges.

Okay, I’ll look it. Sorry, was busy again for awhile.