My first pixel art

The first thing I made with Aseprite is a walking duck, it is simple and fun, I can see myself making more of these.
It is also very fun to mess with the animation speed XD

It seems I can only upload one picture, I am putting the slightly faster duck here.

Simple Duck - Walking fast A


Simple Duck - Walking A
Oh, I can reply with more ducks


Duck is speed
Simple Duck - Walking super fast A


I like your duck, it looks entertaining! It could be good to add a couple more colours or outlines, but it’s very simplistic and I like it this way too.

Thank you, I personally prefer no outline, also there is no specific use for it right now so it is hard to say if it need outline or not, but I do plan to add some simple shading if I am coming back to it

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I really dig the secondary action on the head. I feel like you’ve captured the waddle of a duck! I like the sped up one the most, I think.

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nice anmation, very fluid

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AAGH I love it lol :laughing: :laughing:

Thank you for all your love, I made some other version recently:
Sweet Potato Duck
Sweet Potato Duck B - Walking - Fast


Watermelon Duck
Watermelon Duck B - Walking Slow


I can definitely see these being skins that you can earn for your duck for finishing certain goals in a game. lol I already want one :laughing: