My first post here on aseprite!

wow I just realized there’s a whole community of pixel artists on here that i never knew about. would love to see what some fellow bit makers think of this screenshot from a tileset i’ve been working on? i still have lots to do for this set, but it’s definitely coming along. tiles made in aseprite but the map was made in tiled.


Wow, this is genuinely interesting! I can tell you put thought into what you wanted to make. On the note of thinking about what you want to make: The art you made is completely fine as is, though I always believe there is room for improvement(at least in theory). It’s hard to tell, but the pond doesn’t seem to have a visible bottom which could be there.

The one main thing I notice is shadows. I’m curious about the direction of the light source - is it coming from the top right, bottom right, or top-down? The shadows of the shrubs and trees are straight up and down, but the sides of the houses are shaded in on the bottom left. When creating fictional worlds, it’s beneficial to ask yourself questions(If you haven’t been already). With that said here is one last question from me. I like the look of the female wizard character, does she have a name?

The shadows are a really great point, I appreciate that insight a lot. Definitely something I will need to work on! I really liked how my foliage came out so maybe i’ll just stick with a top-down light, hopefully that will work with the isometric view. I also haven’t put a lot of work into the water quite yet because I’ve found it really difficult to nail the texture. Perhaps just a slightly rocky bottom and some plant life would help to detail it a little better for now.

also yes! she does have a name, she is my most beloved character named Hazel. (like witch hazel) :smiley:

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