My first sprite, just a warm mate!


This is the first time I join a community, any advice is welcome! Will try to post my progress as often as possible. Thank you for the space to do it!

This is a common beberage from my native country Uruguay with a baggette that we call “Pan flauta” somthing like flute bread haha.


that looks like chimarrao not matte, but its very good.

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Nice! I like the shiny bottle and the steam animation ^^

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My thermus is very small so it really looks like a chimarrao lol, thank you!

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Thank you so much! I was looking for that steel shine look!


Oh my god, I read the title as “just a warm friend” or something, I just thought it sounded fun and didn’t question it haha

The warm steam animation really sells it! But nice work all around!