My First Sprite or Character

My first character

I have been designing this Guy and I like him quite a bit, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could do with him.

It was also intended to be a knight of sorts, but I think somewhere along the way I dropped that Idea.


looks like a girl, give him a bigass shield for personality rsrsrs

thought if you are mentioning to make the artwork look better, try some hue shifting.

Ok, I will give it a go I wanted to give him a two-handed sword. I just didn’t want it to block too much of him, and I was unsure how to solve that, if I wanted to give it an outline

you know you could just put the bigass shield at his back, so hes a tiny dude with a shield twice his size. cmon it woul dbe very funny.

Ill do that and re-post it here for you to see, unless I nail it I probably wont use that though.

Interesting character! It looks as though it should be in an isometric perspective. If so here is a tutorial for that.

Yea I am still working on it, but its more like that know

This is how it is know I’m struggling to make an isometric shield

I am still unable to decipher the meaning behind the legs, and the shading appears inconsistent without a single-directional light source. The video had top-down lighting with shadows to accentuate the shape of the face.

Its meant to be like a iron or steel plated like skirt Because I only have so much space its harder to shade, while making it look different