My first sprite since I was a kid

Lost my job and been thinking of creating a game in unity. Here’s a quick sprite I made within about an hour. Been a long time but loving Aseprite so far, need to practice making animations. If any of you have a good starting point or tips of your own feel free to send them my way. thanks all!

Twilight cactus

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Maybe you could try animating this by having the cactus sway side to side.

Also you could try blending the background blues together buy having a few pixels from each shade appearing in the others section, that would help soften the transition between each blue.

Edit : the term for what I’m describing is dithering.

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thanks, yeah not a bad idea and dithering makes sense ill repost it tonight!

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i dont recommend animation for absolute begginers, the image is solid i would recommend studing a bit in color and color palettes, shading and then you can start animating with a solid foundation